Corpus Christi

Colourful Carpets Celebrate Corpus Christi

It’s Corpus Christi this weekend and villages and towns across Lanzarote celebrate in grand style as locals create intricate carpets using coloured salt.

Corpus Christi is one of the most colourful and brightest events on Lanzarote, always falling eight weeks after Easter to honour the Eucharist. In other Catholic countries (and also on other Canary Islands) the event is marked by using flowers to form biblical connotations, primarily surrounding the idea of fertility and life. However, Lanzarote’s lack of flowering plants and windy conditions gave rise to the use of coloured salts instead which also reflects the fact that sea salt was once an important local product. The variety of scenes depicted has now become far more eclectic, and extends far beyond just religious references alone.

The event centres around the island capital Arrecife, where local people create their salt carpets around the El Charco de San Gines area on Saturday from 16:00 (after the morning weekly market). A religious procession embarking from the Church de San Gines on Sunday at 13:00 then make their way across these carpets on Sunday.

Similar events also take place in all of the main towns on the island, such as Teguise, Tinajo and Tias, but times and dates may vary. Arrecife, though, is the best spot to head for if you want to take in this fantastic event with buses running into the capital from all of the main resorts on the island.

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