Booking Terms & Conditions

We have some very simple common sense terms and conditions for the booking our Villas

A booking reference must be obtained before flights are booked. A conversation indicating availability does not constitute a reservation. No responsibility will be accepted by Villasun for a villa not being available upon re-contact without a reference on email from ourselves.

Obtaining a booking reference will allow a 2 day window for you to arrange flights. No payment is required at this time. Please afford us the courtesy because this is a no obligation booking on your part that if the villa is not required contact is made allowing us to return the availability back to our calendar. A simple email will suffice we do not require an inquest.

We are realists a booking for larger numbers of people would require a longer “Hold” period please inquire.

A deposit of 20% to secure the villa must be paid within 3 days of the villa “Hold”, this will cover any weekend periods. If flights are already booked when the reference is issued, again a deposit within 3 days please. Full payment will be required immediately if within 13 weeks of departure. Please note a villa “Hold” will automatically lapse and be void if the deposit is not paid. Your week(s) will be released back to our calendar for resale.

The balance payment must be made within 13 weeks of departure. Please note if this payment is not made on time we reserve the right to sell your week(s) retaining your deposit.

In the acceptance of a villa booking, you the client agree to take out an appropriate holiday insurance policy. We insist you inform your insurers the villa is an independent type booking and your policy must fully reflect this in your cover. No responsibility is accepted by Villasun for any financial loss of any client.

Please note

The number of guests both up and down on any booking can be changed right up until your scheduled arrival. A reduction in client numbers up to the 13 week point will be accepted and any villa final charges adjusted accordingly on to the website rate in place on the date of the request. Additional persons can be added at any time up until arrival but again will be charged at the current web site rate. Guest numbers cannot be increased beyond our declared insurance occupancy rates in any villa.

If for any reason your villa booking needs to be cancelled, deposits and all other payments for the booking are none refundable. Your insurance policy taken out at the time of booking must cover this and any suchlike eventuality.

We do not rent to any young party travellers or young single sex party groups. Please note falsely declaring ages or party gender will result in you being refused entry or asked to vacate the villa.

The Holidaymakers shall keep the property and all furniture, fixtures, fittings and effects in or on the property in the same condition as at the commencement of the holiday, and shall leave the property in a reasonable state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found. Beyond general breakages such as crockery and glassware the holidaymaker must report to our local management any other damage made during their holiday occupancy. Villasun reserve the right to make a charge where guests have not informed us or contravened the no smoking status of a property. (In order to comply with the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 the amount of such a charge should not be more than the cost of the replacement or cleaning.)

Villasun or their representative shall be allowed access to the Property at any reasonable time during any holiday occupancy.

We have compiled the information on our website as accurately as possible. However, facilities may be altered or withdrawn for reasons outside our control, in which case we cannot accept responsibility. We make every effort to ensure that the property details are accurately reproduced. Mistakes may occur from time to time, if a facility is particularly important to you, please check with us prior to your booking. The Holidaymaker must accept minor differences between text/photograph/illustrations on the website and the actual property. We cannot accept responsibility should the property not conform to the Holidaymaker’s view of standards.

Our definition of infants** is that of the airlines  “NOT YET 2 YEARS OF AGE BY THE RETURN DATE OF TRAVEL”

The following 5 items will also invalidate the insurance indemnity cover of Villasun and the Holidaymakers right to occupy the property may be forfeited without compensation if:-

  1. More people than declared at the time of booking or before the commencement of the holiday take up occupation.
  2. Overnight guests are entertained without the express permission of Villasun.
  3. Undeclared guests or incorrect ages of infants** being advised to us.
  4. Any activity is undertaken which is illegal, or may cause unreasonable damage, noise, behavior or disturbance.
  5. Smoking in a designated “No Smoking” property.

Key Policy

There is one set of keys supplied with each property. Additional sets can be requested but must be arranged a minimum of 1 week before your arrival. Alarm key-fobs have to be coded prior to your arrival day. To maintain security for all clients, no two alarm fobs can have the same code.

There is a charge of £30 per set for this service with a deposit of £120 refundable. If required this deposit will cover new locks, locksmith services and alarm fob replacement and recoding. This maintains security for the current guest and next client arrival.

Why:- A single set is very rarely lost, with multiple sets the likelihood of loss or leaving keys in the house side of the door and pulling the door shut locking yourself out increases dramatically. Instead of adding a charge to every booking making everybody pay, clients creating cost must cover their own loss ! Another good case for comprehensive holiday insurance.

If a call out by our management is required for lost keys or locking yourself out of villa the deposit will be forfeit or charge made to the individual client. The key-box on the front of every villa is used for your arrival and departure offering convenience and ease of use. It is not a security box for key holding during your stay.