10 Ideas To Keep The Kids Happy On Holiday In Lanzarote

Keep your children entertained when you’re on holiday with us in Lanzarote with some of these tips. In no particular order we have:

1) Board games

Holidays provide a good opportunity for kids to learn new games. There are many retro board games available like Operation, Mouse Trap and Hungry Hippos through to classics like snakes and ladders. Also consider taking a chess board and a deck of cards. If your child develops an interest in these it will keep them entertained for days. A board game can really stop your child from getting bored!

2) Their favourite toy

It could be a teddy, doll, cuddly toy or more likely in this day and age, an iPad. Whatever it is, don’t forget to take it on holiday!

3) Music and films

Even if your child doesn’t have an iPad or tablet, consider packing yours and a set of earphones. This may be a lazy option but will keep the kids happy for hours on end. Just remember to download some of their favourite films, programmes and music before you go.

4) Inflatable items for the sea/pool

A beach ball, inflatable ring, lilo or dinghy can keep the youngsters entertained both in and out of the pool.

5) Games

Teaching them a spelling or number game is a great idea and can also be educational.

6) Stories

Kids can get bored when sightseeing in cities or tourist attractions so do a bit of pre-holiday research and bring the place to life by telling them a story about the place. You can always exaggerate a bit to keep them interested and engaged, they’ll never know!

7) Facts

This ties in with stories nicely. Again, do a bit of research before setting off and point out interesting buildings, streets and parks and mention any famous people from the area. Print out some notes beforehand if necessary.

8) Animals

Children love animals so a day trip to a zoo, farm or aquarium is a fantastic – often inexpensive – day out for all the family.

9) Challenges

Inspire your children by setting them a challenge. Perhaps you could create a quiz or a “spot these ten things” game. Take a look on the internet for some ideas for the place you are visiting.

10) Ice cream

Kids love food but none more then ice cream on holiday!

Posted on 03/03/2014

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