Advertising Removed from Holiday Lettings

Villasun Ocre PoolIt has always been the Villasun promise to offer its clients direct holiday villas. At prices with no agent fee’s, booking fee’s or middlemen markups. Holiday Lettings for many years has been a traditional advertising holiday Web Site. Holiday Lettings is now part of Tripadvisor. Perhaps offering so called independent reviews and then selling you a holiday is not quite independent or without a conflict of interest.

Due to a change in advertising policy Holiday Lettings have now introduced a fee for you my customers. Under the new charging system a fee of 3% is charged per confirmed booking to Villasun on top of the standard yearly advert fee we pay. Extra cost to you the customer. Holiday Lettings would remove my email address and phone numbers for direct contact. Now you would have to use their own payment system and the so called “Guest Booking Fee” would be added to my direct villa rates of between 5% & 15% This is how they collect these new fee’s. A second method of advertising they offer is to pay per email contact (not a booking) of £70 per email. I better repeat that yes £70 per email. Less than 1 in 10 email enquirers into us produce and actual booking

Some of my villa names when searched upon will appear to give a result on these web sites. Villasun has removed all its villa advertisements from Holiday Lettings and has never advertised on Tripadvisor.

Since Villasun offers all standard UK Credit Card facilities and are fully PCI complaint. There is no requirement when paying by card for extra insurance. Check with your card provider or bank they should offer full cover for all your payments. I will not subject you my customers these quite unnecessary charges.

Our Price Promise

Quite simply we offer private villas direct to the public with no middlemen, no booking fee’s and no hidden charges.

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Posted on 16/09/2016

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