Book with the Villa Owners Direct for the best deals

Lanzarote LogoDon’t get ripped off with hidden fees or service charges added at the very end of your booking process. Booking with the villa owners direct can offer you the best deals.

Booking with the villa owners direct there are bargains to be had. With many web sites now charging a booking fee or service charge you need to shop around. Making a web search on the villa name you have found can often find the owners direct.

Don’t be conned into thinking paying a service charge or booking fee will give you the same cover you would get with travel insurance. Or your credit / debit card indemnity for that matter. In the majority of cases it wont. Often only covering the first few hundred pounds of your booking. You could even find yourself in the position to claim via your bank first and only when full cover is not achieved making a token payment towards your loss.

To ensure you are booking with the owners direct:-

Check them out on the internet by a simple name internet search with their home town or villa location they say they are located in. Check the villa name again by internet search. If the villa appears under multiple names be aware. Google street map is a great tool.

Look to see how long their web site has been up and trading. Make a search on “whois” this will give you the registrant names for the web site. If there is no trace on the internet for the villa or the stated owner you are dealing with for previous years be aware. There should always be traces of them in previous years.

Never pay by bank transfer to a non UK bank. If you are being offering multiple dates with availability particularly in peak season when free weeks should be very limited – be aware. Alarm bells should ring if you are offered a discount for making full payment when your holiday is months away.

Posted on 28/02/2017

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