Driving Licence Lanzarote

Required Driving Licence Lanzarote

Moving on from my original post of Jan 2015 there now seems to be some clarity on what is actually required regarding information when hiring a car on Lanzarote. The following link to the .GOV web site will guide you through the process of obtaining the “Check Code link

The “Check Code” can be provided to your Lanzarote car hire company to validate you have entitlement to drive in the UK, the code is normally valid for up to 21 days.

Driving Licence Lanzarote

There seems to be great confusion at this time of writing (Jan 2015) as to what driving licence type is required when on holiday for Lanzarote and the Canaries in general.

There are substantial changes being brought in by the EU in an attempt to unify each countries regulations. I have been stopped recently while driving for a general paperwork check (its normal) to be informed by the Traffic cop that my old UK non picture licence issued some 30 years ago will no longer be valid as of the 20th Jan 2015 because of the new EU regulations.

I do doubt some of the timings and dates given to me for implementation of the new rules covering driving licences but I am aware for all Spanish residents including the Ex pat community that it involves a medical and the issuing of a new licence for a defined period. Time scales of around 15 years are being floated about.

I understand the above regulation will not be applicable to UK residents holding a full UK driving licence but I would advise because of the confusion I have experienced, to obtain a modern picture licence not the old style “Pink” paper version. My house-My rules is always advised when driving is some else’s back yard.

The other concern I have is that of the car rental companies and what spin they will place on the new regulations. Perhaps better safe than sorry, not being able to take up a car hire when paid for because of an old paper licence would be a disappointment to say the least.

Just as a point in passing, the nice traffic police man did inform me because of the security features in the card and the method UK residents go through to obtain a new UK picture type licence they can be used as a valid form of ID when out and about. Better than a bulky passport I suppose but as to what level they would be accepted ie supporting a credit card transaction etc is another matter.

Its off to the post office for me, mug shot in hand and the twenty odd quid to UK.gov

Sad to see it go !

Posted on 21/01/2015

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