Las Maretas Costa Teguise

Las Maretas Costa TeguiseLocated at the start of Los Draggos at the Hipo Dino supermarket end. Directly across the car parks is the Centro Commercial Las Maretas Costa Teguise. Take a walk in and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Facing the car park there is a dentist and vet, not the same office I might add. The town Post Office and Tommy’s bikes. Out of general sight there are other commercial enterprises on the upper floor. Along with some accommodation. Through the archway on ground level you will find half a dozen or so bars and restaurants. The area also has a great raised view of the main resort beach Las Cucharas. There is also free Wi-Fi offered by the various Las Maretas Costa Teguise establishments.

Restaurants and café/bars Located in Las Maretas Costa Teguise:-

The famous Las Maretas Restaurant. What can I say. Domingo has been there since the 90’s and still going strong. Great local fresh fish and meat dishes. Great prices. Don’t go if you have any appointments planned. You could be in there a while. Domingo serves every table personally.

La Tabla. Great reviews for his tapas and steaks. Good pricing.

Mr Romeo. Great pasta and pizza. Authentic Italian.

Eatalian Wine & Food. Sample a single glass from a fantastic range of great wines. Don’t live in fear of buying a full bottle that you might not like. Try it out. Great to chill with a glass before your evening meal in one of the Las Maretas restaurants.

Posted on 16/03/2014

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