Top 10 Things To Do In Lanzarote

Top 10 Things To Do In LanzaroteIf you’re planning a holiday to one of our luxury villas, you’ll be spoilt for choice for things to do.

Aside from the numerous bars, clubs and restaurants, Costa Teguise and the rest of the island has more than enough other things to keep you occupied. Let’s take a look at ten great things to do in Lanzarote.

Visit the Aquarium

Lanzarote Aquarium is located in Costa Teguise and is the largest aquarium in the Canary Isles. Hundreds of marine species are housed in 33 aquaria using more than one million litres of water. It’s a great day out for all the family and the kids will love some of the colourful morphology and eye-catching colours exhibited by the odd-looking fish, plants and crustaceans.


San Bartolome’s Go-Karting provides a day out full of thrills and spills. Everyone is catered for with a variety of engine sizes to suit all ages and abilities – there’s even a double cart if you prefer. Individual tickets can be bought for a single round or multiple tickets are offered for a discounted rate. Bigger groups might want to enter a Grand Prix with several races, a semi-final and final plus podium presentation photo. As an added bonus, free transport to and from Costa Teguise is offered so follow this link for more information.

Go Swimming

Lanzarote’s famous Aquapark is the largest and most popular water park on the island and can be found in Costa Teguise. If a water park isn’t your scene then a dip in the sea or in one of the pools our luxury villas have will cool you down nicely.

Visit Timanfaya National Park

Arguably Lanzarote’s most famous and popular attraction is the Timanfaya National Park. It’s home to the jaw-dropping Montanas del Fuego where you’ll be greeted by dusty red landscapes surrounded by volcanoes and hills. Temperatures slightly below the surface reach a scorching 600°C and your tour guides will show you how hot things are by throwing grass into small holes where you’ll see the grass burst into flames.

Eat Food Cooked on a Volcano

Naturally, if you’re at the Timanfaya National Park, you’ll be planning to eat at the El Diablo restaurant. Here BBQ foods are cooked over a hole in the ground giving a unique dining experience.

Tour a Vineyard

Lanzarote’s world renowned vineyards have vines growing out of the dry, dusty ground. Why not have a few cheeky samples during the tour then buy some bottles to take away!

Go on a Boat

Boat tours in Costa Teguise provide you with a wide selection of choices. Some tours are aimed towards adults with a party atmosphere, live entertainment and plenty of alcohol. While others show you the island’s marine life.

Go on a Submarine

While not as popular as boat tours, submarine tours are certainly worth going on offering an alternative view of the island. You’ll see life below the waves, view dolphins and turtles plus numerous fish and plants.

Visit the Rancho Texas Park

The Rancho Texas Park is Lanzarote’s theme park with Wild West activities, shows and rides. You’ll also find a small water park plus a zoo with lots of animals to see.

Ride a Camel

Riding a camel is an amazing experience. Lanzarote camels normally have two seats – one each side of their hump – so two people of a similar weight can ride next to each other.

As you see, there are lots of things to do in Costa Teguise and the rest of Lanzarote. These are only a small selection of the things to do so feel free to email us or give us a ring if you require more information. Happy holidays!

Posted on 20/03/2014

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