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Moving to LanzaroteCompleting Our Winter Maintenance Program, Household goods moving to Lanzarote

To finish off our winter maintenance program the first container of 2014 leaves Bolton moving to Lanzarote, next to be seen docking in Arrecife later this month April 2014. Goods on board will completely refurnish our four bedroom properties, villa Emma, villa Rachel and villa James. Included on the shipment are 3 brand spanking new hot tubs.

Our schedule of maintenance is always on-going, solar energy both electric and for heated water will be completed later this year. Villa updates for villa health & safety, along with security and now all villas with free Wi-Fi, have been completed over the winter months.

All villas will have updates to the patio areas. New furniture and plant décor and in some instances built in under pergola seating has been installed.

A further container later this year ready for the start of the 2014/15 winter program will leave in Sept.

For those interested and “Eddie” spotters, the first leg from Bolton to Seaforth dock Liverpool was by Stobart’s.

I often get asked who we use for our containers by individuals moving to Lanzarote sunny climes. After many years of trying the so called experts and being amazed at the lack of customer service and high cost (Smoke & Mirrors I call it) I have now settled on MacAndrews for shipping and for agents Paukner Lanzarote SL based in the port of Arrecife.

Macandrews sail from Scotland, Liverpool and Bristol therefore the UK transport leg can be minimised with 3 locations rather than just a single UK port exit. There are of course the traditional “House Movers” that offer a door to door service but can be as much as 4 times the price of our DIY method.

In brief if you are thinking of moving house to Lanzarote it requires a little leg work and time but once you break down the paperwork into what is required for the UK side and what for the Lanzarote side moving your house and personal belongings isn’t a mountain to climb. At time of this blog I understand there are still quite good duty breaks for personal household belongings when you do import them but must be connected to a house deed (Escritura) for either your own house or your rented accommodation on the island. Cars however can attract quite large duty charges.

Posted on 08/04/2014

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