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Go Hiking or just enjoy a leisurely walk around Costa Teguise

Footpaths – Hiking Boots Recommended

In and around Costa Teguise, there are a number of enthralling walking routes to take you to the glorious heights and hidden wonderlands scattered across Lanzarote. There are signs for hikers that indicate a circular route around the whole of Costa Teguise. For the out of town sections, hiking boots are recommended due the rather stony nature of the trails; however, a decent pair of trainers are more than adequate for the majority of the path surface. For those with a zoological eye, the routes outside of town offer views of white cattle egrets, and the local kestrels hunting lizards.

Looking to the back of Costa Teguise (West), hikers can embark on a challenging trek up the local volcano, one of the Montanas del Fuego ( the “Mountains of Fire”). The circular route around the resort actually passes by its base. Keeping to the obvious footpaths up the slopes, the views of the resort and surrounding coastline are truly awe-inspiring and well worth the energy. A large section of the remaining volcano rim is over 200m in elevation – good luck getting up there!


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