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Lanzarote Sea Fishing

Shore and Beach Fishing

For prospective sea fishers, it’s worth noting that you do require a fishing licence in Lanzarote, which is thankfully relatively easy to obtain from the town hall in Arrecife. A taxi or the local bus from Costa Teguise can drop you off at the main terminus adjacent to the town hall building. You will need your passport for identification. A standard licence for 3 years enabling you to fish from the shore costs €14.57 as of August 2012. There is a download for the application form at the bottom of this post.

Rock and beach fishing

Fishing is not allowed when in the proximity of any bathers or wind surfers, as they have priority on the water. The inner harbour wall in Costa is also off limits. The best times are first light or dusk. The main locations seem to be the end of the rock groins on Cucharas beach, where there is reasonably deep water, regardless of tide. The outer harbour wall or just to the north of Costa where the old Sands Beach club is, to the south at Playa del Jablillo and off the rocks at Playa Bastian. It’s always worth quickly checking the Lanzarote Tides Timetable.

prior to your arrival at the harbour.

Spinning and bait fishing are the most widely adopted methods in Costa Teguise. For spinning, smaller 8/14cm red coloured lures are advised, and for bait, try using uncooked prawn, bread and chicken.

Due to the exotic nature of the species that swim in the waters surrounding Lanzarote, be sure to carry with you a thick cloth or towel for handling any catches; some do have spines that can sting.

As with all rock fishing, fishers should be mindful of the perils of slippery rock faces, and should assess the weather, wave and tide conditions before arriving at the beach.

For the family, a low tide on Las Cucharas beach lends itself fantastically to some quality rockpooling, especially in front of the Gran Melia hotel.

Boat Fishing

For a great day out, take a trip down to Puerto Calero south of the airport and just past Puerto del Carmen (25 minutes by taxi). A quick walk down the dock lands you at the boathouse, where charter boat trips are on offer. It’s worth doing some homework before you go, as your party could be legible for a free pickup from the villa, depending on your numbers.



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