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Lanzarote Car Hire

At Villasun we do not offer car hire or accept any type of paid advertising. The information below is a snap shot from the experiences of villasun clients.

Comparison car hire sites have to make their money somewhere and do so out of the commissions they make from the car hire companies themselves. There are no free lunches it is not in their interest to sell you the best deal for you, but is in their interest to make the largest commission possible. Unless the comparison site has an exceptional offer from one of the hire companies it is always best to shop around direct with the providers. Insurance’s and driver waver cover taken out on comparison sites can also cause you problems, in the fact some hire companies will not accept them and will ask you for a credit card deposit before they give you the car keys, beware this can cost hundreds of pounds if things go wrong.

It is always best to avoid hire companies that offer a “Full tank of fuel and bring back empty”, sounds great but the island is only 60km from top to bottom. Modern cars can have over 650km in the tank. Go for the deals that offer “Full to Full”. You will only pay for the fuel you use this way, there is a petrol station within the airport perimeter so you can fill up on your return.

If dealing direct most hire companies will offer variable levels of insurance cover. Punctures, screen chips, recovery and replacement vehicles are always something to ask about. Fully comprehensive insurance with full driver waver seems to be the most popular with our clients offering the greatest peace of mind.

For further information and what documentation you will require please visit the UK Gov web site by clicking here.

Update July 21:- There are some reports that an International Driving Permit (IDP) is required with some car hire companies. Although the UK Gov has an agreement in place it is worth checking with individual hire companies prior to travel. The following link takes you to the Post Office were you can check if an IDP is required for a particular country. Post Office. 


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