Health & Safety

Villa health and safety in your holiday accommodation is paramount to us. During our winter maintenance and refurbishment programs our Lanzarote team ensure all villa properties meet the following standards. Regular maintenance checks during the year keep the villas on this high standard.


A life ring and recovery pole is provided.

All pools now have natural sea salt chlorination. This automated system now produces natural seas salt chlorine during all filtration periods rather than a chemical manual dose system. The system continually reuses the natural sea-salt diluted in the pool water as it changes from salt to chlorine. This system guarantees a much higher level of sanitation over chemical additives. The concentration of sea-salt in the pool water is that of a human teardrop. We strongly advise children must be supervised at all times.

Hot Tub

Fresh water is used for all new clients. A measured dose of chemicals is used to initiate chlorination and is maintained during your stay. It is strongly advised persons with heart conditions and children under 12 years old do not use the hot tubs. In addition we advise younger teenagers spend shorter periods in there use. Persons with sensitive skin are advised to test the hot tub water to gauge any adverse reaction. We strongly advise children must be supervised at all times.


All kitchens are equipped with fire blanket and fire extinguisher.

All hallways now have a UK specification smoke detector, regularly tested. The batteries are changed on our yearly maintenance program.


A UK standard intruder alarm system has now been installed to all villa properties. The alarm is operated from a “Swipe key fob” that is provided with the keys in the villa key-box upon your arrival. The simple operating instructions are placed at the internal alarm box point.