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Holiday Insurance

What you need to know and need to do regarding Holiday Insurance

In light of the global pandemic that no one saw coming, Brexit and the independent nature of a private villa booking it is more important than ever to get quality holiday insurance.

Making a Google search on “Cheap Holiday Insurance” will get you just that, CHEAP. Two pages of clauses of what an insurance policy will not cover and two paragraphs of what they will should ring every alarm bell !

You are making an independent villa booking for choice and savings !

We only offer one element of your holiday that is the accommodation. For us to insure this element from the holiday insurance industry would attract a charge similar as if we have sold you an entire package holiday including flights. The insurance premium per booking could be based on a holiday up to 5 times the villa charge. Totally disproportionate and unacceptable when the main idea of an independent DIY internet booking is the vast amount of savings and choice that can be made.

What additional cover needs to be in my travel insurance for a DIY holiday.

The vast majority of quality insurance companies will cover your accommodation as standard in with the policy at a much lower price than we could ever offer. The idea is to save money not double insure when it is not necessary.

Read the policy small print. In booking independently you will need cover for “Travel Disruption”, “End Supplier Failure” and of course “Full Health Cover”

Travel disruption cover is an unforeseen event that prevents you from travel, and in light of Covid-19 ensure you are covered even if the UK Government or your destination Government issue a travel ban retrospectively after you have made a booking. End supplier failure would cover you for your airline, the accommodation provider or any tour operator aspects going out of business, car hire, trips etc. Full health cover is a must for the obvious reasons.

With Brexit taking place as of the 31st Dec 2020 we also advise to bring yourself fully up to date with the EHIC and the new GHIC health card that offers emergency medical cover. It could also be a requirement of some holiday insurance policies that you have this card in place, read the small print in all your policies.

A quote from the UK.Gov web site “The UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) lets you get state healthcare in Europe at a reduced cost or sometimes for free”.

The new GHIC card is not a replacement for proper holiday health cover. For more details about the GHIC card please visit the UK.GOV website by clicking Here.

In our experience we have found an annual travel policy the best value offering most of what we advise as standard in their cover.


As with all insurance policies it is up to you to read all the small print and ensure you will be fully covered for every eventuality you can conceivably think of. The UK is no longer in the EU and you will be treated as a citizen of a third country and not the responsibility of any Local, Country or EU governing body. To apply some common sense to all this if your holiday insurance will not cover you for the 3 main aspects we explain above it more than likely will not cover you for certain aspects, travel and health situations within the EU.

The information on this page is for guidance advice only and not a definitive schedule of what you will require for full holiday insurance cover.


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