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Green Credentials

Solar Power – House hot water systems

Starting in the winter maintenance period of 2013, Villasun embarked upon a further programme of energy efficiency in all its villa property. Utilising solar power for electricity, hot water and pool heating.

Although most of the villas already utilised an assisted solar power heating system for water, some being installed back in 2003/4 it was decided to bring all systems up to date. A new system has been developed with our sister company back in the UK, most of the parts being sourced back in Blighty and shipped for installation. For the geeks, our water heating systems now employ “Evacuated Tube” technology heating the house water in a stainless steel holding tank, now only using an emersion type heater for an early morning and afternoon top-up if required.

Solar Power – Pool heating

Our pool heating systems operate continuously 365 days per year. The primary system being solar powered is automatically switched into heat and bypass mode during the summer months, heating up to a maximum for water health and safety reasons of 30C. At this temperature it automatically switches off and no further heat is applied to the system. The electrical backup system is dormant at this time.

During the winter months the summer heating system operates in the same way but obviously at the other end of the scale automatically applying heat to the water when solar energy is available. We then top the system up using heat pump technology. Again for the geeks this system uses heat energy from the air, using the standard UK 2kw kettle as an example this is amplified by a factor of 5 producing around 10kw of energy in pool heating. All villa pools also have a thermal pool cover. Using these methods we guarantee all year round pool temperatures between 27/30C.

Solar Power – Electricity

During 2014 we will complete a programme of solar electrical power installation to all our villa properties. This system consists of 1500 watt of solar power being provided by PV panels on every villa roof. Although Spain has some similar systems to the UK whereby feed in tariffs can play a cost part covering there installation we have decided just to provide enough solar power to cover the villa requirements during a normal day. ie power enough for the pool pump, fridge, alarm etc.

Where possible all the villa lighting utilises low energy bulbs. Either by LED, low voltage or by the mini florescent types you will find in the UK.


For the new customer there are small local recycling bins located on the main road as you exit the Las Calas complex. The usual cans/metal, paper, plastic and general waste bins are provided.


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